The HOMY Team

These are the members of The HOMY Collective's Steering Committee. 


Aundray Adams, The Children's Trust, Community Engagement Liaison

Debra Albo-Steiger, Miami-Dade County Public Schools Project UP-START, Program Manager

Sylvia Cardo, Our Kids of Miami-Dade/Monroe, Behavioral Health Program Manager

Dr. Brandon Chatani, University of Miami Pediatrics, Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellow

Scotney Evans, PhD, University of Miami, Associate Professor


Pauline Green, The Alliance for GLBTQ Youth, Executive Director

Sharon Langer, Disability Independence Group, Development Director

Annie Lord, Miami Homes For All,  Executive Director

Brett McNaught, Educate Tomorrow, CEO

Gianfranco Patuzzo, Chapman Partnership, Employment/Housing Manager

Charlita Williamson, Pridelines, Director of Youth Programs

Landon “LJ” Woolston, Consultant and Trainer