Our Mission

To create a community dedicated to preventing and ending youth homelessness.

The Helping Our Miami-Dade Youth Collective (HOMY) is a collaborative of about 100 organizations and youth leaders working to prevent and end youth homelessness in Miami-Dade County. Our holistic, comprehensive approach focuses on addressing the core areas of Stable Housing; Education and Employment; Primary and Behavioral Healthcare; and, Permanent Connections. The Youth Voice Advisory Council, a committee of youth with lived experience of homelessness, leads and informs HOMY strategies and goals. No young person should spend a single night sleeping outdoors simply because they do not have access to safe housing. Our work is driven by the shared goal of ensuring that youth homelessness is rare, brief, and when it does occur, a one-time experience.  Through its partner organizations, HOMY provides support and services to youth and young adults between the ages of 13-24 experiencing housing instability or who are in a vulnerable housing situation. 


Every youth experiencing homelessness or housing instability has access to immediate shelter.

Youth homelessness in Miami-Dade County will be a rare occurrence and, when it does occur it will be a brief and one-time experience.  Miami-Dade County is committed to ensuring that every youth experiencing homelessness has access to immediate shelter and that no youth spends a single night on the streets, in a car, or in any location not meant for human habitation. Our community is committed to equal access and equitable outcomes for youth of color, LGBTQ+ youth, and youth with disabilities.


To work in partnership with cross-sector organizations to create a comprehensive system-of-care designed for preventing and addressing youth homelessness in
Miami-Dade County.